About Us

The purpose of Capitol Area Indian Resources (CAIR), Inc. is to encourage
the development of all aspects of education for the American Indian community,
while affirming and preserving Native cultural and traditional values in today’s society.
CAIR is a nonprofit 501(c) 3, incorporated in 1985.

CAIR, in its efforts to serve the American Indian community operates from these premises:


1.  Development of programs with purpose that embrace and respect American Indian cultural traditions.

2.   Build positive and individualized connections with American Indian youth and their families.

3.   Development of mutually supportive relationships with schools to promote an understanding of Indian student needs.

4.   Build strong, positive connections with participants’ families to further cultural and academic growth and achievement.

5.   To engage community members, groups, organizations and institutions in programming that positively affects the American Indian community.

6.   Incorporation of a variety of engaging program activities that honors the cultures and traditions of Indian people.