Spirit Guide by Lindamarie Wise, Creek/Seminole



We hope these helpful resources will educate you in your search to learn more about the original inhabitants of this land.

So you think you might be Indian, but not sure where to start?

Researching Indian heritage:, and look up Researching Native American Heritage.

If you think you might be Cherokee, you will need to know a name of an ancestor on the Dawes Roll.  Cherokee Verification Form.  It could take years to become eligible as a member.

If you know your tribal heritage, you can look up Federally Recognized Tribes here:  Tribal Directory.   It is up to your tribal nation to determine your eligibility for membership.

If you are from northern California, this guide may be of help: Northern California Tribes

The Bureau of Indian Affairs has published a listing of federally recognized tribes:

Here is a link to websites about American Indians in general:

This is a listing of tribes and rancherias in general, good for research purposes:

Tribal Webpages:



– The First Laws, Articles and Information:  California Indian Laws

– California Indian History:



Here is a link from the National Indian Education Association that may be of help in general about American Indians:  Native Education 101


If you are looking for assistance to attend college, here are some resources:

Paying for CollegeNative-American-Scholarships

NIEA Resources

Guide to Scholarships for Minorities*:  Scholarship Guide

*Although Indians are not minorities…

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