About Us

The purpose of Capitol Area Indian Resources (CAIR), Inc. is to encourage
the development of all aspects of education for the American Indian community,
while affirming and preserving Native cultural and traditional values in today’s society.
CAIR is a nonprofit 501(c) 3, incorporated in 1985.

CAIR, in its efforts to serve the American Indian community operates from these premises:


1.  Development of programs with purpose that embrace and respect American Indian cultural traditions.

2.   Build positive and individualized connections with American Indian youth and their families.

3.   Development of mutually supportive relationships with schools to promote an understanding of Indian student needs.

4.   Build strong, positive connections with participants’ families to further cultural and academic growth and achievement.

5.   To engage community members, groups, organizations and institutions in programming that positively affects the American Indian community.

6.   Incorporation of a variety of engaging program activities that honors the cultures and traditions of Indian people.


Programs for American Indian Students in grades K-12 and their parents include:


1.   Academic Services:  Tutorial (individualized and group).  American Indian students in grades K-12 are assigned highly qualified tutors who work to build study habits, homework skills, and academic skills.  Students are required to attend a Student Orientation to assist them to be better learners.

2.  Culture:  Cultural programs are provided, with a focus on local Tribes, through workshops, discussions and demonstrations throughout the year. Cultural instructors are recognized in the Indian community for their work.

3.  Research:  Students and families have access to CAIR’s library and computer center to access research and information on their Tribes, traditions and languages. Computer and internet training is available.

4.  Summer School:  A comprehensive summer program is provided for students in grades pre K-10 that includes language arts and math review, followed by cultural learning and field trips. A certified academic instructor provides pre and post assessments to better serve the students’ academic needs. Classes are structured by grade level.

5.  Educational Counseling Intervention and Support:  Parents and students in need of school intervention and support at school meetings is available. CAIR staff also advocates for families who attend meetings, such as individual Education Placement meetings (IEP); School Attendance Review Board (SARB); Planning and Placement Team meetings (PPT); and any parent requested meetings to advocate for their children. In cases of poor academic records and attendance, students and their parents will receive assistance for improvement through a systemic plan.

6.  Advocacy:  In cases where students are victimized in school through stereotyping, negative curriculum, bullying, or racist mascots, CAIR will provide intervention to educate school staff on proper protocol and Native principles.

7.  Computer Lab:  CAIR has a student/parent lab (12 computers) for internet access for American Indian community use and for students to do research and homework. Parents can also check into their child’s progress in school through school districts systems.

8.  Parent Support:  Parent advocacy, traditional parenting, resources and referrals, parent orientation, and parent skills training workshops are provided throughout the year.

9.  Workshops:  CAIR students are offered workshops on study and test taking skills, as well as homework tips to become a better student. CAIR also provides academic workshops on math skills, reading strategies and CAHSEE review.  SAT review is also offered.

10.  Leadership Programs:  Leadership and higher education workshops are offered for students in junior/high school.

11. Training:  CAIR provides training for the following areas: student study and test taking skill, history from a Native perspective, along with ongoing cultural classes.

12. Community Involvement:  CAIR collaborates with American Indiana organizations, as well as higher education institutions for programs and projects to serve the American Indian community.  CAIR hosts workshops on college planning and financial aid services throughout the year.

13.  Field Trips:  CAIR plans field trips for students that are culturally and academically focused.

14.  CAIR Scholarships:  CAIR raises funding for scholarships for graduation high school students who have been highly involved in CAIR throughout their school years.  We also keep an updated resource for scholarship opportunities.

15.  Events and Activities:  CAIR programs programs and events as well as collaborative efforts to benefit the American Indian community to promote a better understanding of American Indian culture.  CAIR also works with schools districts and community organizations to collaborate on needs in the American Indian community.

16.  High School Graduation Ceremony:  CAIR, along with other Indian education programs, plans a yearly graduation ceremony to honor our collective senior graduates.


American Indian youth in grades K-12 are eligible to participate in programs

offered through CAIR. 

We welcome internships and volunteers for all activities.